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Our Programs!


A warm, caring and loving atmosphere is what infants experience everyday in our program as well as healthy, clean and secure environment.

Infants are nurtured through a variety of sensory and movement experiences, and the importance of following each baby's sleep, feeding and play routines. "As it is done at home, it is followed in our care”. The importance of communication between parents and teachers is emphasized through a daily record of each baby's activities, food intake and diaper routine.


Toddlers are filled with energy and curiosity about the world and are developing a sense of increasing independence. We support and reinforce your child by providing fun and challenging activities that promote all aspects of their development, including self-help, language, cognitive and physical. Our classroom is designed with children in mind, shelves are open, tables are low and supplies are easy to reach.


Our preschool curriculum is designed to prepare your child as he/she begins an educational voyage that will eventually lead to kindergarten and beyond.

Learning becomes meaningful to preschoolers when engaging experiences are base on their interest and their knowledge.

Activities are designed to teach:

*Language and communication

*Cognitive skills


*Gross and fine motor skills

*Personal and social skills

Activities include:

*Construction & design

*Dramatic play


*Creativity & art

*Math & manipulative

*Science & sensorial

*Outdoor play

* Reading & listening

Little Explorers Learning Center acknowledge that every child is unique and respect their individuality and cultural background.

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