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About Us

Our program believes that in order for any child to be prepared and ready for elementary school we must offer a learning environment that focus on the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of each child.

We believe that families and educators must join together as partners. We respect the importance of each family tradition. We encourage parent’s involvement through parent-teacher conferences, family events, and activity classes throughout the year.

Our mission

Is to serve children and their family by providing innovative, high quality early learning and affordable child care as well as provide an environment where children experience secure, stimulating, healthy and enjoyable opportunities for growth and development.

Our goals

Our goals at little explorers Learning Centers is to provide high quality care for children in a safe, secure, positive environment and to provide our students with the best education and care available in the preschool industry. Also create an environment that meets the needs and promotes the physical, social, and emotional development of the child using creativity and age- appropriate practices. We believe there should be a balance between education and independent play.

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